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Trade Webinars and Events

DHL hosts and sponsors many exporting trade events around the U.S, providing valuable information and assistance to small and growing businesses ready to enter new markets. Register for an event near your city, or attend an online webinar.


Complimentary Webinar: Export Sanctions: What you need to know

Date: December 6, 2017
Location: Online Seminar

Description: DHL Express invites you to join us for this informative event designed to help you more effectively navigate export regulations in a U.S. environment that is becoming increasingly focused on trade enforcement. Topics covered include: An overview of the U.S. government’s system of export control;  US Export Controls Regime- Government Overview; U.S. Export Controls on certain embargoed countries and export restricted parties; U.S. government enforcement of regulations on certain embargoed countries and export-restricted parties; Sanction regulations, with a country-by-country overview.

Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3) Series

Date: December 5, 2017
Location: Dallas, TX
Description Businesses can internationalize more easily now than at any time in history. Yet, many small to mid-sized businesses do not explore global markets due to complexity and lack of resources and relationships.  Regulations are especially burdensome for smaller firms. E3 is enabling entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to connect with global markets.  E3 events designed to provide businesses with an intimate, in-depth opportunity to gain the insights needed to navigate global growth, and engage with US and foreign trade officials. Unlike large trade expos, E3 will offer smaller firms the chance to spend more time, get specific answers to their questions, and personally meet the right contacts to pave the way.


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