In our Shipping Support Center, you’ll discover how simple it is to import and export with DHL. That includes easy ways to prepare your shipments, track them in transit and navigate customs regulations and requirements, as well as make payments and more – everything to keep your shipments moving at full speed.



Exporting Made Easy with DHL Shipping Tools

The right shipping tools can save your company time and help streamline the shipment preparation process. Once your DHL account number has been active for 24 hours, you can register or request a shipping solution.

DHL WebShip
DHL WebShip is the online shipping solution that helps you prepare and manage DHL Express international shipments for export. You can print labels, schedule pickups, store an unlimited number of receivers in your address book, track your shipments and much more – all directly from your computer. DHL WebShip is ideal for busy small business owners, office managers, business travelers or anyone on the go and is free, secure and needs no special software or training.

Register and Ship Now with an existing DHL account

DHL CorporateShip
DHL CorporateShip provides the same features as DHL WebShip, and it also gives your company total control over your shipping environment. It enables you to restrict employee access to the system and to predefine shipping parameters. Customized controls and flexible data handling let you simplify your daily work processes and reduce shipping costs.

Employee users are assigned to a “Corporate Administrator” within your company who sets permissions for your employees. By determining which service types to enable and predefining reference field requirements, you can reduce shipping costs and minimize billing errors. The use of a shared address book helps reduce entry time and improve on-time delivery with the correct address.

Complete the DHL CorporateShip Request Form

A variety of additional tools are available to help simplify the international shipping process. See a full list of DHL Express tools that can support your shipping needs