Country Facts
62.8 Million (2016) *
Western Europe
Euro (€)

*Source: The CIA World Factbook

Trade Indicators
$30 Billion in U.S. Goods Exported (2015)
$19 Billion in U.S. Services Exported (2015)
$30 Million Digital Buyers
World’s sixth-largest economy
EU’s third largest economy

Top Industry Export Opportunities

Computers & Peripherals

The total size of the French IT market is estimated at $50.50 Billion. The Computer & Peripherals market is driven by the sale of consumer electronics, including smart phones, 4G, and tablets. Penetration levels of these products are incredibly high in French households, which are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. Sub-Sector Best Prospects; Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, Wireless solutions, I-mode related products, Connected objects, 3D Printers, Hybrid solutions.


The United States sold USD 588 million in plastics products to France in 2014, a 6% increase compared with 2013 figures (USD 555 million. France is focusing on intelligent plastics, bio-sourced plastics, and composites. French companies have stopped producing commodity plastics in order to specialize in high tech plastic materials and high performance plastics. Europe, including France, will focus on plastics using renewable energy sources as well as technologies allowing better plastics recyclability.


U.S. textile exports to France are mainly composed of sportswear and technical textiles. American suppliers have an advantage in terms of the technical know-how and the ability to adapt quickly to fashion changes by quickly creating new products.  Technical textiles or “textiles of the future” are increasingly represented in a wide range of industries. Consequently, they represent approximately 27% of the European textile industry, and are anticipated to increase their market share in the following years, particularly in the following industries: transportation, sports and leisure, packaging, and industrial protection.

Trade Regulations & Customs Information

Import Tariffs: The Integrated Tariff of the Community, referred to as “TARIC (Tarif Intégré de la Communauté)”, is designed to show the various rules which apply to specific products being imported into the customs territory of the EU or, in some cases, exported from it. To determine if a license is required for a particular product, check the TARIC.  The TARIC can be searched by country of origin, Harmonized System (HS) Code, and product description on the interactive website of the Directorate-General for Taxation and the Customs Union. The online TARIC is updated daily.

Import Documentation: The official model for written declarations to customs is the Single Administrative Document (SAD). Goods brought into the EU customs territory are, from the time of their entry, subject to customs supervision until customs formalities are completed. Goods are covered by a Summary Declaration which is filed once the items have been presented to customs officials.

Customs Valuation: Most customs duties and value added tax (VAT) are expressed as a percentage of the value of goods being declared for importation. Thus, a standard set of rules for establishing the goods’ value, is necessary for the calculation of the customs duty. The value of imported goods is one of the three ‘elements of taxation’ that provides the basis for the assessment of the customs debt, which is the technical term for the amount of duty payable, the other being the origin of the goods and the customs tariff.

U.S. Export Controls: The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which regulate the export and re-export of some commercial items, including“ production” and “development” technology.

Source: The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce

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