Behind every great company are employees of equal or greater dedication, willing to invest time and passion helping make the company’s dreams a reality. Engaged employees prove to be an integral part of a company’s success and growth – including financial gains.

Whether your business is just getting started out of your garage or you have grown to a multi-national company, a single-minded and shared focus among every worker magnifies employee power, bottom-line results and is the foundation of your organization. Surveys only echo the importance of educating employees about processes and principles – a whopping 70 percent of American workers are disconnected from their job, according to Gallup’s August 2013 survey.

Unengaged workers could be undermining your mission in every task they take on. And while this research is based in the US, employee engagement is a global issue. Forbes defines employee engagement as the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals – it doesn’t mean employee happiness or employee satisfaction. Making employees happy is very different from employee engagement, according to the publication.

If you study employee engagement for long enough, you will notice a pattern repeated over and over again. The goal is to motivate and engage employees, through input, guidance and helping them find meaning in their work.

We’ve designed an engagement strategy at DHL Express that reflects the essence of our company – being international – and have all of our 100,000 global employees participate in the program. Some of the lessons we’ve learned include:

  1. Be sincere: Leaders and managers should invest to connect with employees directly. In turn, it should build morale by connecting people to the organization.
  2. Know the program: In order for a program to work, employees must be involved with every step of the process – planning, delivery and follow up. Everyone must participate.
  3. Keep it consistent: Planning and delivering an international employee engagement program can be challenging and requires coordination on a massive scale across numerous company functions. Coordinators may feel the need to tailor the program but ensuring content is consistent allows for similar experiences and a shared mission.
  4. Gauge success: Measurement works. Allow employees to give feedback through surveys and ongoing reviews to close the loop and analyze data for improvements and program adjustments.

In the new age of technology, sometimes it is easy to forget human beings are the driving force behind an organization. Investments and infrastructure are rendered useless if employees don’t have the buy-in and connection to the company that they work for.

Share the ways you keep your employees motivated and engaged.