Like any other industry, e-commerce has grown up since its early days, to the point now that consumers are buying everything from clothes, to headphones, to cars, to houses from their computers and mobile devices. Whatever kind of product or service your company is selling, e-commerce is a great potential avenue to open your business up to new domestic and international customers.

As e-commerce has grown, companies have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Our Discover Global Markets: E-Commerce Strategies for Exporters conference is a great place to learn about best practices from experts across the industry.

For a company looking to expand sales through e-commerce, here are some simple tips to help you sell in the digital sphere:

Show, Don’t Tell: Include quality photos of what you’re selling so your customer can see all the details necessary to convince them to purchase. And remember to give a sense of scale in the photos so people can get a visual sense of dimensions.

Embolden Your Call to Action: Actions like Buy Now, Register Now, Add to Cart, etc. need to stand out against everything else on your website. Make the process simple for the user so they don’t have to search for the next step to take.

Be Clear on Shipping: Offering free shipping is a great selling point, but whatever your shipping policy is, be clear about it. Just like your call to action, the shipping info needs to stand out among the text on your page. Even including a small graphic can be a big help.

Localize Your Accepted Payment Methods: One of the main reasons consumers drop out of the purchase process is because they do not see their preferred payment method available. Make sure you understand and accept the preferred payments in your target market to maximize sales conversions.

Maintain a Good Return Policy: We’ve all been through an online purchase fail or two. Give your customers the courtesy of being able to return merchandise they aren’t happy with. A good return policy may cost a sale or two, but a bad one will cost you repeat customers.

Another key item to keep in mind: the e-commerce sphere is constantly changing, so you need to keep up with best practices, find what works for you, and stay on top of it. We hope you’ll join us at Discover Global Markets: E-Commerce Strategies in Dallas Oct. 8-9 to learn from our panel of experts about what works for them, and to meet one on one with our 20+ global market experts to help tailor a custom e-commerce strategy for your business.

Can’t make it to Dallas? We hope you’ll follow updates from the event on Twitter using #DGMecommerce, and be sure to share your favorite e-commerce tips as well!

Eric Nielsen is the Director of the Southwest Network of the U.S. Commercial Service, overseeing nine offices in the Southwest United States that work directly with U.S. companies looking to expand their export profile. He is a 17-year veteran of the Commercial Service, the export-promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce. If your company is ready to grow by tapping the global marketplace, be sure to contact your nearest Export Assistance Center.