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Is Your Business Offering Key Online Payment Options?

How does your business define great customer service? For most e-commerce companies, it starts with engagement. In other words, it’s all about building loyalty and excitement by involving customers in the core of your brand and mission. However, while customer engagement through social media, e-mail, and online chats is essential, there are some basic, technical

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Are You Making the Most of Post-Sales Opportunities?

Is your e-commerce business making the most of post-sales opportunities? If not, you are missing a critical pathway to financial growth and operational improvement. The fact is, a satisfied customer who has already committed to your online store is one of the most promising leads you can have for new sales. Data from SignalMind shows

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Make Sustainability Part of Your Company’s Mission

With each passing year, the need for businesses and individuals to act boldly to protect our planet takes on greater urgency. The evidence of climate change has been mounting long enough, as extreme weather events, extended periods of drought and resulting wildfires, and the mass extinction of plant and animal species impact our world. If

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What Does the Future of Work Mean for Your Business?

What will the workplace of the future look like? What role will automation and technology play in the way our jobs are conceived and carried out? How will companies compete for talent? Across industries and around the world, business leaders are confronting fundamental, structural workplace challenges as demographics change, as technology advances, and as

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Lessons Learned: Key Takeaways From Peak Holiday Shipping Season

The 2021 holiday season is now history. It’s no secret that the last quarter of every year is always a challenging time for retailers – one defined by demand surges, forecasting uncertainties, and heavy competition. Add to the mix the amplified difficulties of the ongoing pandemic, including global supply chain disruptions, massive e-commerce growth,

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Delivering the Future of Fashion in a Digital World

This year, New York Fashion Week made a return to in-person shows after two seasons of digital exhibitions, but the effects of the pandemic were still evident in reduced capacity at events, along with rigorous safety measures at every venue. In fact, it’s the same for the fashion industry as a whole: New York

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