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Exploring Global Trade in Uncertain Times

For U.S. companies trading globally, these are uncertain times. Whether you’re a large exporter, a mid-sized manufacturer, or a growing e-commerce venture that’s quickly building cross-border success, you know the tremendous benefits that international commerce brings to the table—and to your bottom line.  But you have also witnessed social, political and economic shifts that

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Making the Most of Your Company’s First Foray into Global Commerce

Commencing e-commerce sales across international borders taps your company’s full potential and unlocks a whole new market for your products. Achieving positive results from global e-commerce expansion isn't automatic, but there are ways to maximize your chances for success. While there is more to it than just ensuring your website is accessible in

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Christmas in July- Start your E-Commerce Holiday Planning Now

For most Americans, July is about Independence Day, family vacations and warm weather. But for those in the e-commerce business, mid-summer signals something entirely different: the impending arrival of the Christmas shopping season. While we have several more months before Cyber Monday and holiday madness, the time required to get your sales and shipping

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Why You Should Be Doing Business in Singapore

Searching for a new market for your e-commerce operations? How about selling into the second-easiest place to do business on the planet, per The World Bank: Singapore. While the Asian nation is geographically small, its high level of technology adoption and younger middle class with disposable income make it a fruitful place to

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Navigating Trade with China in Difficult Times

Global trade has opened the doors to financial growth for thousands of U.S. companies, from small retailers and medium-sized technology firms to large aviation corporations.  But will those doors close if the current U.S.-China trade war continues? Many business leaders, along with countless employees at companies affected by tariffs, are asking that very

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5 Global Markets To Consider Doing Business With in 2019

E-commerce and advances in logistics have put more U.S. companies than ever before in touch with global markets – and millions of potential new customers.  If your business has not launched an international strategy, 2019 is a good time to get started.  Or, if you’re already trading beyond our borders, there’s no time

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Be Prepared for the Chinese New Year Impact: 5 Tips

Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your company. So when it’s disrupted, the consequences can be financially and operationally painful. That’s why the annual onset of Chinese New Year (CNY) is such a challenging time – and one that demands careful planning and preparation. This year, CNY begins on February 5, but

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A Look Ahead: Trade and Logistics in 2019

In its most basic form, logistics is all about planning for the future. It’s about determining the best way to build, implement and manage supply chains today that will deliver efficiently and effectively tomorrow and beyond. For businesses in the booming e-commerce arena, logistics and shipping represent the final and essential factor in the

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5 Ways to Avoid Import Delays

If your business is global, then you know how complex the border clearance process can be. For those that import goods into the U.S., complying with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements for each and every shipment can make the difference between speedy satisfaction and difficult delays. In fact, 80 percent of delayed

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