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New DHL Report: Business Owners Optimistic for 2022 Holiday Season and Global Trade Market

It is the third holiday season where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still reeling with the lasting impacts of the pandemic. From global supply chain disruptions to labor shortages and now inflation, this time of year has certainly caused challenges for U.S. businesses.  However, the past three years have also resulted in some unexpected

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Staying Connected: What Strong Global Connectedness Means for Your Business

What is the DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) and why does it matter to your business? In the context of the ongoing global pandemic, your ability to understand, access and benefit from international markets may be essential to your organization’s survival and success. The GCI analyzes broad patterns in the cross-border movement of goods,

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Chinese New Year 2022?

Supply chain disruptions are making headlines every day, and with Chinese New Year (CNY) fast approaching, companies can expect even more complications down the road. That’s because annual holiday closures will bring a temporary halt to manufacturing and distribution not just in China, but across many countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam, South

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Top International Markets to Consider For Growth in 2021

For many U.S. companies, the task of recovering from the economic shock of the pandemic is requiring new strategies and a commitment to finding new customers to replace lost business.  Today, one of the best ways to locate strong business opportunities is by looking beyond our borders.  In fact, according to the DHL Global

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Top 3 Global Markets to Consider in 2020

These are uncertain times for U.S. companies trading globally. While e-commerce and advances in logistics have been able to connect U.S. companies with global markets and millions of new potential customers more than ever--there have also been significant policy changes. Over the past few years, renegotiated trade deals have created a certain degree of

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A Complete Guide to Doing Business in the Netherlands

As an e-commerce company, expanding your business to the European continent with its varied languages and different cultural norms is an intriguing possibility. Although a full-fledged expansion into the European market can be daunting, starting in the Netherlands—a country with sound economic fundamentals, customers who are ready to spend, and one of the best e-commerce

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What You Need to Know About Doing Business in Argentina

If your small business wants to expand its e-commerce offerings to the world, plan to approach the process methodically and strategically. That means entering the leading regional markets in a new continent is especially important. If you're thinking about selling in South America, doing business in Argentina should be a top consideration. With a

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Doing Business in Mexico: Here’s What You Need to Know

If your U.S. e-commerce business is considering a cross-border expansion, then America's neighbors—Canada and Mexico—are the obvious choice. While a contentious political climate regarding the U.S. trade relationship with Mexico may generate some nervousness around risk-taking south of the border, Mexico remains a huge and potentially rewarding market for American e-commerce retailers to target.

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Why You Should Be Doing Business in Germany

In recent years, Germany has retained its position as a pillar of economic stability and strength in the European Union. Strong purchasing power, along with high digital penetration rates, makes selling in Germany an exciting prospect for small and medium-sized business owners looking to expand their global footprint. But choosing to expand your

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Why You Should Be Doing Business in Canada

Being from Canada, I know that the country holds ample e-commerce opportunity for American businesses. Directly on our northern border, Canada is uniquely positioned to be a very profitable market for American e-commerce goods and services. Boasting an established and reliable Internet infrastructure, English-speaking population, and comparable culture to the U.S., selling in

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