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Video: Top 5 Things your Business Needs to Know About Holiday Shipping

With the busy holiday season on the horizon, retailers – both online and brick-and-mortar – are busy finalizing discount offers and marketing strategies.  They are verifying inventory, talking to suppliers, and stepping up staffing to ensure top quality customer service. If your business is aiming to maximize the value that the holiday shopping season brings

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Safety First: Three Steps to a Safer, Stronger Organization

For most business owners and managers, success and financial growth are defined primarily by concepts like customer retention, new product and service development, and employee engagement. They are also driven by a concrete set of numbers – think gross revenue, net income, cash flow and debt-to-equity ratio. But there is another aspect to the

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Making Holiday Shipping Work for Your Business

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly here, and businesses are beginning to put their holiday marketing plans into high gear. Creative discounts, specials and promotions are lined up. Unique seasonal partnerships are ready for launch.  At the same time, companies are addressing the key challenges that stem from higher volumes of store and

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How Green is Your Supply Chain?

Business leaders today understand the triple value involved in pursuing sustainable operating practices: global environmental benefits, improved business efficiency, and increased customer engagement. They understand that going green can help build a better world by reducing waste on every level, a move that can boost profits while appealing to a growing legion of environmental-minded

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Looking into the Future of Aviation

In 1903, the Wright brothers successfully built the first airplane. Since then, there’s no question that aviation has brought many social, economic and cultural benefits to people around the world. Today 52 aircrafts take off around the world every minute, delivering $12.1 million of cargo. According to IATA, commercial aviation supports over 57 million jobs

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The Internet of Things and the Future of Logistics

As we’ve discussed here in the pages of DHL Expressed, the Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to transform the operational equation for businesses of every size, in every sector, across the globe. How is the IoT impacting logistics, and how will your company benefit? That question is the subject of a new DHL

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How to Create Successful Workplace Mentorship

While starting a corporate mentorship program may seem like a daunting task, the rewards the mentors, mentees and company reap are well worth the time and effort. According to some studies, corporate mentorship is on the rise, with 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies offering mentorship programs. Whether the goal is to develop high-potential

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Ship like a Pro: Holiday shipping naughty or nice list

Are your holiday shipping practices on the naughty or nice list? This is peak time for shipping and a bit of international expertise from the Specialists in International will ensure hassle free, reliable shipping to the global marketplace. So, ship like a pro this holiday season and review our holiday shipping infographic for helpful

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National Aviation Day: Celebrating the history of flight

August 19 marks National Aviation Day in the U.S., as well as Orville Wright’s birthday. Together with his brother, Wilbur, the two made history in flight. There’s no question that aviation has brought many social, economic and cultural benefits to people around the world, and we are saluting that history and these developments in

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