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Understanding the Complex Rules on Duties and Taxes

For companies engaged in global trade, understanding the complex rules around duties and taxes can be challenging. This is especially true for small businesses, since they have fewer in-house resources available to monitor changing rules and to ensure compliance. When you consider that 98% of the more than 400,000 U.S. companies that trade across

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5 Ways to Avoid Import Delays

If your business is global, then you know how complex the border clearance process can be. For those that import goods into the U.S., complying with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements for each and every shipment can make the difference between speedy satisfaction and difficult delays. In fact, 80 percent of

By |2022-09-19T15:13:40+00:00September 12th, 2018|

4 Key Considerations to Shipping Chemicals Across the Border

If your company manufactures or distributes chemicals, you are no doubt aware that in 2016 the Lautenberg Act amended the decades-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). It established for the first time requirements for the comprehensive evaluation of existing chemicals in commerce, while also strengthening the review of new chemicals. While pesticides, tobacco

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Understanding Duties on Goods Returned to the U.S.

Global trade is transforming businesses large and small. Today, more than 400,000 U.S. companies are doing business abroad; of those, 98 percent are small and medium-sized organizations. While cross-border trade provides access to vast new audiences of potential customers, it also brings some challenges – specifically when it comes to understanding the border clearance process,

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Video: Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Avoid Import Delays

Thank you for visiting our “Top 5 Delivered by DHL” series. It’s a fast and informative way to help you learn more about global topics that affect your business. Click on the video below for insights on ways to prevent import delays. Then look for more helpful tips on Going Global, TPP, Cuba, Brazil, NAFTA, Global E-Commerce, International Business Travel,

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What the Customs Reauthorization Bill Means for U.S. Businesses

For businesses already involved in international trade or those thinking about global expansion, things just got a little easier. After nearly a decade of work between Congress, two Presidential Administrations and the business community, the Customs Reauthorization Bill has finally gone into effect as of March 10, 2016. Also known as the Trade Facilitation and

By |2018-05-25T15:11:00+00:00March 10th, 2016|

Duties and Taxes Made Easy (Part Two)

International shippers face the often vexing problem of understanding and estimating duties and taxes. Armed with tools and information, these Customs charges need not be so baffling. Duties and taxes are usually levied by the destination country as a way to protect local markets and to generate country revenue. Those charges are assessed based

By |2018-06-12T17:56:37+00:00April 25th, 2015|

Compliance & Logistics 101: 6 Tips for Going Global

The thought of shipping and delivering goods across international borders can be a thrilling milestone for many small business owners. But concerns over logistics and legalities can become a mental roadblock. Ever wondered how your logistics choices affect your profit margins? Or how you get your shipments cleared through Customs? DHL Express can help you

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Duties and Taxes Made Easy

The rules and regulations of duties and taxes can be tricky and are constantly changing. But understanding the process and landed costs can save you and your customers from surprises. In this blog post, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on duties and taxes to help your business effortlessly navigate through the

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