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Temporary Imports

Temporarily Importing Shipments

ATA Carnets1, commonly known as “Merchandise Passports”, are international Customs documents that simplify Customs procedures for the temporary export or import of various types of goods. 

Benefits of ATA Carnets: 

 Good to Know

ATA Carnets do not exempt holders from obtaining the necessary licenses or permits. Also, goods shipped on an ATA Carnet cannot be sold until the carnet has been closed and the goods return to origin.

Get an ATA Carnet

Obtaining an ATA Carnet is a simple three-part process:

To learn more about the ATA Carnet Application process, please visit United States Council for International Business. 

Need Assistance?

For countries that do not support ATA Carnets, a Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB) is needed. Obtaining a TIB can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, but we can help you complete the process quickly and easily.

Contact DHL Express Customer Service to request a DHL Temporary Importation. Under Bond or receive assistance with the process.

Call 1 800-CALL DHL (1 800-225 5345) 

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