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A step-by-step guide for DHL Express customers

Required Documents

To import dutiable shipments into the U.S., typically a waybill and Commercial Invoice is required.

DHL ExpressWaybill

A waybill accompanies every shipment and includes all the information DHL needs to know to keep your package moving. 

 Download a List of Information Your Exporter Needs 

Commercial Invoice

A Commercial Invoice is obtained by the seller and shows the value and description of the merchandise. These are required for most imports into the United States. 

 Download a List of Information Your Exporter Needs

Other Requirements

Additional documents may be necessary to determine if the merchandise will be approved for entry into the United States.

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 Good to Know 

DHL Import Express Online gives DHL account holders the option of allowing either the exporter or importer to prepare shipment documentation.

Simplified Importing Checklist

To make importing with DHL even easier, provide your DHL Express Sales Representative with all your documents. This will help us assist you in the event your shipment needs additional support. If possible, provide the following:

  1. Continuous bond on file with Customs 
  2. A parts list on file 
  3. Any sample invoices

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