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DHL Express makes international shipping simple and efficient for our account holders. Whether you need easy-to-use PC software, shipping management or fully-integrated business solutions – we’re happy to discuss the right solution for you.

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What is DHL EasyShip? 

DHL EasyShip is a complete shipment management system making it possible to automate your company’s entire shipping process – from grouping consignees to distributing individual notifications.

This solution supports multiple accounts – your primary DHL Express export account and DHL Import Express accounts for receivers outside of the U.S. You will have access to the full suite of DHL international services including rate specific quotes and transit time estimates. 

Start shipping quickly by importing your company’s well-maintained address book details from other sources to group consignees for easy batch printing for instances like payroll, promotional kits and multiple warehouse drop shipments. 

How can DHL EasyShip help you?

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