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Get a Rate Quote and Transit Time

Rate Quote and Transit Time

Shipping services vary from shipment to shipment because each one has its own unique needs and requirements. To get a rate quote, start by identifying the service(s) you need based on the transit times and options you would like. 

We recommend gathering as much information as possible prior to shipping. Knowing more up front eliminates the potential for unwanted costs or delays and allows you to maintain greater control.

View the Latest DHL Express Rate and Transit Guide

Our rate guide includes up-to-date information regarding transit service cost by trade lane and volumetric weight. In addition, complete descriptions of DHL Optional Services, Surcharges and Customs Services are provided. 

Transit charges are billed in accordance with the current published rates at the time the shipment booking is made.

 Download the DHL Express Rate and Transit Guide

Get a Rate Quote and Transit Time

Whether you are importing or exporting, DHL makes it simple for you to calculate a shipping rate quote with the service options of your choice and up-to-date transit times. 

Get standard book rates or provide your account number for account specific rates. 

Available services with a guaranteed delivery date and estimated charges will be presented. 

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 Good to Know

You can get a rate quote when you prepare your electronic waybill with DHL tools.

Rate Guide Checklist

The following information is needed to get a quote:

  1. Sender’s country, postal code and city
  2. Receiver’s country, postal code and city
  3. Shipment date
  4. Number of pieces to be shipped
  5. Weight and dimensions on all shipments pieces
  6. If the shipment is a document (non-dutiable) or non-document (dutiable)
  7. If the shipment will be picked-up or dropped off
  8. If it will have Shipment Value Protection

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