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DHL Optional Services

Discover Available Optional Services Provided By DHL 

Additional services are provided by DHL to deliver your shipment the exact way you want. See our full list of optional and Customs support services available that may be applied for an additional charge.  

Alternative Address

The receiver or shipper requests delivery to an address other than the one specified on the original waybill, but within the same country and using the same waybill. 

Change of Billing

Customers may request reassignment of transportation charges to a billing account number different than the one originally specified on the waybill, when a shipment is tendered with an incorrect or missing billing account number, or when the account holder requests a change to a new billing entity. 

Duties and Taxes Paid (DTP)

This is an administrative charge for invoicing duties and taxes to the shipper, or an entity in a country other than the destination. Billing of destination duties and taxes to a third party in that destination or a third country requires prior arrangement and a DHL payer account number. 

GOGREEN Carbon Estimate Report

DHL will provide your company with a one-time, high-level estimate of your CO2 footprint emissions based on your own shipping profile. This report is based on global average carbon emission factors and helps support your forecasting needs.

GOGREEN Carbon Footprint Report

DHL will provide your company with detailed reports showing transparency of your actual CO2 emissions footprint. This report covers all emissions at the trade lane, product, mode of transport and account levels for a calendar year. The report supports your company by target setting a baseline to evaluate carbon reduction decisions.

GOGREEN Climate Neutral

DHL enables customers to offset their estimated CO2 emissions at an account and shipment level. These emissions are offset by reinvesting in environmental protection projects that are verified by the United Nations Framework. Convention on Climate Control (UNFCCC) Gold Standard (GS) or Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). Our program is verified annually by SGS.

Monthly Service Charge

Regular DHL Express pick-up service is available.

Neutral Delivery

This service allows for the delivery of non-document shipments, without any value information being shared, while the importer of record at the destination (who is not the receiver) is billed for the duties and taxes. All documents showing the declared value will go to the importer of record and not to the receiver. The importer of record and the final receiver must reside in the same country. This service is not available to all countries and applies only to permanent imports (not temporary or re-imports). 

Non Standard Pick-up

Pick-up requests that are called into Customer Service or requested via the web or shipping system. 

Saturday Delivery

DHL offers Saturday delivery of international shipments to selected postal code areas in countries where Saturdays are not normal business days for a service. This service is not available in all locations.

Shipment Preparation

Preparation of a physical shipment and of any non-Customs related transportation documentation, on behalf of the shipper or account holder (e.g. waybill preparation services.)

Shipment Value Protection

DHL will, upon the shipper’s request as indicated on the waybill, provide value protection coverage. 


For complete descriptions and charge details of Optional Services, Customs services, Surcharges and Fuel Surcharge download the DHL Express Rate and Transit Guide.

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