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Commercial Invoice
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Include a Commercial Invoice

A Commercial Invoice is the first international document that you prepare as an exporter. The Commercial Invoice serves as a bill for the goods from the importer to the exporter, and is evidence of the transaction.

Additionally, the importer uses the Commercial Invoice to classify the merchandise so that they can get the shipment cleared through Customs and make sure that all duties and taxes have been accurately assessed.

 Good to Know

You can effortlessly create a Commercial Invoice when you prepare your electronic waybill with DHL tools.

Commercial Invoice Checklist

A commercial invoice requires the following information:

  1. Your official company letterhead 
  2. Sender’s full name and address, including postal code 
  3. Sender’s telephone, fax or mobile number and VAT number 
  4. Receiver’s complete address details for the recipient of the shipment, including telephone, fax or mobile numbers 
  5. Invoice date 
  6. Waybill number 
  7. DHL as the carrier 
  8. Shipper’s invoice number 
  9. Sender’s reference 
  10. Recipient’s reference 
  11. Total quantity for each item 
  12. Country of origin for each item 
  13. Full description of the goods 
  14. Customs commodity code for each item 
  15. Unit weight 
  16. Unit value of each item 
  17. Subtotal of each item 
  18. Net weight for this shipment 
  19. Shipment gross weight 
  20. Total number of shipment pieces 
  21. Total value and currency of the shipment 
  22. Freight and insurance charges 
  23. Other charges 
  24. Currency code 
  25. Total invoice amount 
  26. Type of export (permanent, temporary, repair) 
  27. Terms of sale / terms of trade (Incoterms® 2010 Rules) 
  28. Reason for export 
  29. Additional notes 
  30. Complete declaration with your name, company title 
  31. Signature 
  32. Company stamp (if required)

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Reduce Paperwork with Paperless Clearance

Prepare Customs documents quickly and accurately with Paperless Clearance. There is no need to print and affix your documents to your package!

Paperless Clearance allows you to electronically transmit documents to Customs – eliminating the need to print and manually attach them to shipments. This feature helps you avoid costly delays caused by handwritten, misread Customs documentation. With Paperless Clearance, your documents will increase in accuracy and efficiency while accelerating the clearance process – speeding your packages around the world.

The paperless solution from DHL is completely online, with advanced and integrated shipping solutions allowing you to easily create Certificates of Origin, Commercial or Pro forma Invoices as you prepare waybills online. If additional Customs documentation is required you can simply upload the completed forms with one simple click. Send dutiable DHL Express Time Definite international export shipments using Paperless Clearance.

 Good to Know

Your shipping solution will provide you the option of making Paperless Clearance your preferred document preparation and submission method. 

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Paperless Clearance Checklist

To send shipments with Paperless Clearance requires the following information: 

  1. Know if you will typically send Commercial or Pro forma Invoices
  2. Company logo image (optional)
  3. Signature image file
  4. Signer’s name typed exactly as displayed in the image file
  5. Signer’s title

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