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Take Your Business Revenue Global

Thinking about exporting – but missing the resources or know-how to get started? Do you export currently – but want to take it to the next level? 

DHL has partnered with the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS), a specialized Department of Commerce division, to help increase your exporting sales. The USCS is staffed with experienced exporting specialists to support U.S. businesses of all sizes in the global marketplace.

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or part of a bigger organization, don’t miss the exporting resources available to you right now, free of charge from DHL and the USCS.

Here’s some of the exporting resources, guidance and contacts available to you:

Export specialists from the USCS are available across 100 U.S. cities and 80 countries to support the President’s National Export Initiative. 

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DHL and USCS Webinars

Discover how to grow your business in the international marketplace from respected industry experts.

FTA Market Access to Mexico and Jordan 

This webinar focuses on Free Trade Agreements with U.S. trade partners Mexico and Jordan. Learn how to benefit from the Free Trade Agreements put in place by the U.S. and these diverse markets from DOC experts and our very own international expert, James Min.

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Secrets to International Trade Success and The Importance of Carnets

In Secrets to International Trade Success discover why a strategic partnership with Reed Exhibitions is necessary. Learn everything from preparing for an international tradeshow to how to follow up after an event.

In The Importance of Carnets you’ll learn what a Carnet is, where they’re used, the benefits, available alternatives and where to get assistance. 

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Exporting Basics 

Find new ways to discover customers, distributors and agents in fast-growing international markets. Leverage U.S. government programs to find exporting opportunities and valuable market research. Get an overview of the laws and regulations that cover U.S. exports – including recent changes and new license exceptions as well as so much more. 

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Export Finance

Learn about financing and preparing your foreign sales with representatives of the Export-Import Bank. From alternative financing solutions to the Small Business Administration that best suits your needs. Discover available international trade documentation presented by representatives of the DHL Express International Trade and Compliance Group.

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