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Customs Clearance

Make Your Shipment Customs Clearance Ready

When a shipment enters or leaves the country, Customs reviews the accompanying paperwork to ensure the shipper has followed all the appropriate rules and regulations. 

Before handing over your shipments to DHL, making sure you’ve filled out the paperwork properly and completely will help avoid delays in the Customs process. 

Customs Clearance Checklist

Follow this checklist to help ensure faster Customs clearance:

  1. Provide all necessary documents 
  2. List each commodity separately with accurate descriptions 
  3. Check for consistency across all documents 
  4. Make sure documents are clearly written, typed or electronically submitted 
  5. Provide as much detailed information as possible 
  6. Confirm that all associated costs are correct 
  7. Ensure that receiving country or person is not on a Denied Parties list

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 Good to Know

Denied Parties are individuals and entities that have been denied shipping privileges by government agencies. Conducting trade with them is prohibited. 

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