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MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE 25 IMPORT WITH CONFIDENCE DELIVERING TOMORROW Deutsche Post DHL Dialogue on future trends. Views on the economy technology logistics the environment and society from Deutsche Post DHL experts and leading experts from the field. TAS also provides Product Compliance Reports so you will know if additional licensing andor regulations are required for importing. GOOD TO KNOW LANDED COST CALCULATION CONT. LANDED COST ESTIMATE A landed cost estimate provides the total amount that will be paid for the transit cost insurance charge applied duties taxes and fees to the commodities. When looking at the landed cost estimate you can see that trade lanes cost of goods and Customs charges added together can affect your cost of doing business. Customs utilizes the following information to calculate the duties taxes and fees you will pay on your shipment Each commodities HS code Each country of manufacture Total cost of the goods commodities Transportation charges DHL Services DHL Shipment Value Protection LANDED COST CALCULATIONSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSIMPORT SERVICES LANDED COST COMPARISON Landed cost comparisons are helpful for comparing costs of the same commodity from different origin countries as duties and taxes may vary by country. DHL Trade Automation Service TAS provides side-by-side comparisons of landed cost estimates for up to five exports. TEMPORARY IMPORTS CUSTOMS CLEARANCE AND RESTRICTIONS Create your own comparison at THE TOTAL MONETARY VALUE OF THE SHIPMENT YOUR LANDED COST ESTIMATE CUSTOMS DUTIES TAXES AND FEES