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MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE 23 IMPORT WITH CONFIDENCE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS SPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTS In addition to clearance and entry processes with Department of Homeland Security DHS Customs and Border Protection CBP other government agencies may require additional reporting and clearance including the Food and Drug Administration FDA the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA and the Fish and Wildlife Service FWS. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION DHL requires a Power of Attorney POA for shipments over 5000 for Food also subject to Prior Notice requirements Pharmaceuticals limited on personal importations of prescription drugs Medical equipment including glasses and sunglasses Radiation emitting devices including microwave ovens televisions monitors and lasers Cosmetics Alcoholic beverages DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DHL requires a Power of Attorney POA for shipments over 5000 for Fruits and vegetables Plants and flowers phytosanitary certificates required FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE DHL requires a Power of Attorney POA for shipments over 5000 for Non-domestic plants and animals Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES certificates are required for endangered species To make a formal entry of goods for imported commercial shipments into the U.S. a waybill Commercial Invoice packing lists and specific documents based on the shipment are required. WAYBILL A waybill that names the consignee for Customs purposes as evidence of the consignees right to make entry. The waybill accompanies the shipment and forms part of the paperwork set. It may also include valuable information not mentioned on the invoice. COMMERCIAL INVOICE Obtained from the seller a Commercial Invoice shows the value and description of the merchandise. A Commercial Invoice is required for most imports into the United States. A Pro Forma Invoice may be used for certain transactions such as goods not intended for further sale returned merchandise and goods intended only for temporary import among other purposes. PACKING LISTS Documents listing all of the items being transported including their value are packing lists. If appropriate other documents may be necessary to determine if the merchandise will be approved for entry into the United States. CHECK THIS OFF To make a formal entry of goods for imported commercial shipments into the U.S. the following documents are generally required Waybill Commercial Invoice Packing lists Specific import permits or licenses for special commodities controlled by U.S. government agencies There are three value based entry types 1. 0-800 De Minimis Part of a consolidated pre-clearance using manifest data 2. 801-2500 Informal Clears Customs as part of an informal manifest managed under a DHL bond 3. Over 2500 Formal Shipments are held for separate entry and fee payments GOOD TO KNOW LANDED COST CALCULATIONSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSIMPORT SERVICES HELPFUL TIP Should additional information be required for Customs clearance the DHL Express U.S.Team will first proactively notify you by phone or text message and request you to submit the missing data at TEMPORARY IMPORTS CUSTOMS CLEARANCE AND RESTRICTIONS