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22 MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTIMPORT WITH CONFIDENCEGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE IMPORT WITH CONFIDENCE IMPORT SERVICES CONT. IMPORT EXPRESS ONLINE IEO DHL Import Express Online is a web-based tool designed to give account holders full visibility and open communication during the shipping process. Both you and your shipper utilize a clear and concise tabular interface making it easy to view current shipping instructions and shipment status. For superior security your DHL Import Express account number is kept within the DHL system. It is not visible nor is it ever visible or forwarded to shippers or third parties. WITH IEO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO Prepare shipment instructions for shippers and manage shipment details Provide shippers with standing authorizations Approve a shipment request from a shipper View shipment documentation online as soon as it is prepared by the shipper Register at DHL has taken great measures in the U.S. to provide customers with an optimal Customs clearance experience. As a result most shipments are cleared by the time the plane arrives. Weve used our long-standing relationship with U.S. Customs to arrange our inbound flight arrival schedule to correspond with the schedule for Customs clearance personnel. This provides the maximum window of opportunity for clearance and the ability to connect with our network for next-day delivery. DHL can manage the Customs clearance process on your behalf and arrange for final delivery. DHL CUSTOMS SERVICES DHL offers you a wide choice of standard and supplementary Customs services. THEY INCLUDE BioPhytoVeterinary Controls Bonded Storage Bonded Transit Documents General Order Warehouse Storage Handover to Broker Import Duties Import Taxes Import Paperwork Merchandise Processing Multiline Entry Obtaining Permits and Licenses Payment Deferment Post Clearance Modification Prior Notice Single Informal Clearance Temporary Import Under BondGuarantee DHL EXPRESS U.S. FACT 200U.S. FLIGHTS PER WEEK DHL AND COMMERCIAL OVER CUSTOMER LUGGAGE FORWARD CASE STUDY CHECK THIS OFF To register for Import Express Online you will need DHL Import Account number Company name Address Email Phone number Mobile number LANDED COST CALCULATIONSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSIMPORT SERVICES TEMPORARY IMPORTS CUSTOMS CLEARANCE AND RESTRICTIONS