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2 ISO90012008 CERTIFICATION AW ARDED IN 2013 A T L A N T I C O C E A N P A C I F I C P A C I F I C O C E A N G U L F O F A L A S K A A T L A N T I CA P A C I F I C O C E A NN G U L F O FO A L A S K AA ANC LAX PHX HMO YVR YYC YEG BFI C A N A M E X I C O MTY HKG PVG NRT NGO SYD ICN GDL QRO U N I T E D A S I A - P A C I F I C A U S T R A L I A A L A S K AA L A S K A MORE PLACES. MO C O M M O N M E T R I C C O N V E R S I O N S 06 RATE QUOTE AND TRANSIT TIME PAGE EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE DHL has the speed knowledge and long-standing presence in countries around the world to make shipping simple. And now DHL is a partner of the U.S. Commercial Service to help drive your sales revenue across borders higher. Get access to free exporting resources market research finance support partners business contracts plus so much more. DHL Express has been awarded global ISO 90012008 certification confirming that we have demonstrated a commitment to service excellence and met the requirements of the ISO standard for its Quality Management System across our worldwide operations. GOING GLOBAL MADE EASY. At DHL Express U.S. international isnt just a part of our business it is our business. We never stop thinking of ways to move your shipments across borders quickly more efficiently cost-effectively and reliably to the over 220 countries and territories around the globe we service. For businesses large or small shipping has never been easier. In this guide weve compiled a variety of resources to help you break into the international marketplace. Youll discover how simple it is to prepare your shipments track them in transit navigate Customs regulations make payments and more to keep your shipments moving at full speed. Plus as your business continues to grow and evolve DHL will grow with you and keep you ahead of your competition. At DHL we have one critical goal to ensure that we do everything possible to support your companys shipping needs better than anyone else. From all of us at DHL we thank you for choosing us as your express global delivery provider.