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MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTIMPORT WITH CONFIDENCEGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT 19 CHECK THIS OFF Have this information ready for the online pick-up request Your import or export account Pick-up location contact Pick-up location address Package location information Contacts phone and email address Exact time package will be ready Provide the latest possible pick-up time Total number of packages Weight of shipment EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE AVOID CUSTOMS DELAYS COURIER PICK-UPTEMPORARY EXPORTSSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSEXPORT SERVICES NEED TO ADD MORE SHIPMENTS Its easy to add more shipments to a pick-up after the initial request has already been made. Simply call DHL Customer Service to update the request at 1 800-CALL DHL 1 800-225 5345 Go online to schedule a pick-up by a DHL Courier. Quickly complete the request form with a valid DHL Express account number. Schedule a pick-up any time visit COURIER PICK-UP We also provide the ability to request a Courier pick-up in our electronic shipping solution as you complete your electronic waybill. GOOD TO KNOW HELPFUL TIP Couriers do not accept checks money orders or cash payments for shipments however you may choose these payment options at our service points. DHL Service Points are available to help you when you would prefer to drop off a shipment instead of receiving a pick-up. Learn more about DHL Service Points page 34 84 277 412HYBRIDBATTERY ELECTRIC LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS CLEAN CERTIFIED DIESEL OVER 2500 VEHICLES IN THE U.S. EXPRESS NETWORK DHL EXPRESS U.S. FACTS