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MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTIMPORT WITH CONFIDENCEGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT 17 EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE AVOID CUSTOMS DELAYS COURIER PICK-UPTEMPORARY EXPORTSSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSEXPORT SERVICES ATA Carnets1 commonly known as Merchandise Passports are international Customs documents that simplify Customs procedures for the temporary export or import of various types of goods. Be aware that ATA Carnets do not exempt holders from obtaining necessary licenses or permits. BENEFITS OF ATA CARNETS Save time effort and money One document one application Good for one year Accepted in 80 countries and territories Cover commercial samples professional equipment and goods for exhibitions and fairs Eliminate duties taxes and Temporary Importation Bonds Easy exit easy re-entry OBTAINING AN ATA CARNET IS A SIMPLE THREE-PART PROCESS General List ATA Carnet Application Security Deposit To learn more about the ATA Carnet Application process please visit NEED ASSISTANCE For countries that do not support ATA Carnets a Temporary Importation Under Bond TIB is needed. Obtaining a TIB can be a lengthy and cumbersome process but we can help you complete the process quickly and easily. Contact DHL Express Customer Service to request a DHL Temporary Importation Under Bond or receive assistance with the process. Call 1 800-CALL DHL 1 800-225 5345 1 ATA Carnet N.D. Retrieved January 30 2014 from httpwww.uscib.orgindex.aspdocumentID718 TEMPORARY EXPORTS FASHION WEEK NEW YORKFASHION WEEK NEW YORK Moved by DHL WATCH THIS To watch a webinar onATA Carnets visit 1 2 3