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16 MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTIMPORT WITH CONFIDENCEGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCEEXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE Certificate of Origin The undersigned _____________________________________________Owner or Agent for _____________________________________________________Shippers Name and Address declares the following listed goods shipped on _______________________ Name of Carrier on ________________shipment date consigned to__________________________________ are the products of the United States of America. State of ____________________________________________ Country of __________________________________________ Sworn to me ________________________________________ This day of ___________________________20_ _______________________________________________ Signature of Owner or Agent The ________________________ a recognized Chamber of Commerce under the laws of the State of _________________________ has examined the manufacturers invoice or shippers affidavit concerning the origin of the merchandise and according to the best of its knowledge and belief finds the products named originated in the United States of America North America. Secretary _________________________________ Marks and Numbers No. of Pkgs Boxes or Cases Weight in Kilos Full Description of Item Gross Net Goods that qualify under a Free Trade Agreement FTA with the U.S. may require special Certificates of Origin relative to the requirements of the trade agreement. For example North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA has its own Certificate of Origin form which must be completed by the exporter in order for the goods to qualify for preferential treatment. Additionally certain FTAs require that the importer not the exporter complete and file the Certificate of Origin. For the most up-to-date information on Certificates of Origin visit Additional documents may be required based on commodity type destination parties involved and desired services. SPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTS WHEN SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY FROM THE UNITED STATES CAN TYPICALLY INCLUDE Certificate of Origin or Manufacturers Affidavit Power of Attorney with any agents Licenses Permits Carnet Letters of Credit or Certificates To download Special Case documents visit SPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTS CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN Some countries require a signed Certificate of Origin for all commodities while others only require one for certain commodities. In many cases a statement of origin printed on company letterhead will suffice. You can usually obtain a Certificate of Origin through organizations such as your local Chamber of Commerce when a signed certificate is required. TRADE AUTOMATION SERVICES DHL Trade Automation Services TAS tool eliminates cross-border confusion and expedites the shipping process. By providing the shipping information in advance in TAS you can view a list of documents that may be required. To view and download actual documents visit some available in local languages AVOID CUSTOMS DELAYS COURIER PICK-UPTEMPORARY EXPORTSSPECIAL CASE DOCUMENTSREQUIRED DOCUMENTSEXPORT SERVICES A Certificate of Origin includes the following required information 01. Undersigned name of the owner or agent 02. Shippers name and address 03. DHL as the carrier 04. Date of pick-up 05. Consignees name 06. Marks and numbers on each package 07. Number of boxes or cases 08. Gross weight of each package 09. Net pounds 10. Description of item 11. State of Certificate of Origin 12. Country of Certificate of Origin 13. Signature by official stating document is factual 14. Date of signature 15. Signature of owner or agent GOOD TO KNOW HELPFUL TIP Keep copies of all documents in case Customs contacts you for clarification or additional information. DOWNLOAD THIS To download and complete a Certificate of Origin from the DHL Express Download Center visit Here is an example of a Certificate of Origin