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MAKE A PAYMENT GET ASSISTANCETRACK YOUR SHIPMENTIMPORT WITH CONFIDENCEGETTING STARTED PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT EXPORT WITH CONFIDENCE 11 Every DHL Express employee has completed the Certified International Specialist CIS program.This world-class comprehensive training educates our team members on every intricacy of international shipping and allows each one of them to meet the needs of our customers quickly and reliably. PREPARE YOUR SHIPMENT PACKAGING TIPSSUPPLIES OUTER PACKAGING When not using DHL supplies pick a suitable sturdy container or durable cardboard box. IF YOU ARE RE-USING A BOX BE SURE THAT IT IS In good condition with all flaps intact Free of rips punctures or tears Free of all old labels and markings INTERNAL PACKAGING Use enough material at least two to three inches on each side to ensure contents do not shift significantly during shipping. You may also choose to wrap items individually. USE ANY COMBINATION OF Corrugated fiberboard Molded plastic materials Loose shredded paper Bubble wrap or bubble pack Plastic or foam peanuts SEALING AND LABELING Tape all seams end-to-end with pressure sensitive packing tape at least 2 in width. Affix the DHL waybill and other shipment paperwork securely on the package. If recycling a box remove or conceal old addresses or shipping labels. MULTI-PIECE SHIPMENTS When shipping multiple express packages under one waybill affix the original waybill and shipment paperwork to one package. Then affix copies of the waybill to the other packages. Label each box with the total number of boxes in the shipment such as 1 of 3 2 of 3 or 3 of 3. A little extra care can help your express package travel greater distances safely leaving you with peace-of-mind. PACKAGING TIPS Its a good idea to include copies of all paperwork inside the package should your shipment need assistance to continue moving. GOOD TO KNOW AVOID THIS Do not use wrapping paper string masking tape duct tape or cellophane on your packages. Also if possible avoid packaging the shipment in a container with handles straps or wheels.