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Exporting Basics

Exporting Basics

As CEO of DHL Express U.S, I am responsible for an organization that stands ready to deliver your business to more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Our presence extends to more countries than does the United Nations and we move everything from envelopes to automobiles and beyond.

At DHL, we understand that trading across borders can be complex due to ever-changing regulations. Fortunately, for those that want to grow beyond U.S. borders and gain a competitive edge, every one of our 80,000 Certified International Specialists possesses an unrivaled passion for helping businesses navigate the complexities of international trade. Expanding to new markets is an excellent way to achieve exponential success. By trading internationally, businesses can expand their customer base and gain access to new technologies and best practices.

There are also other ways in which DHL helps pave the way for companies to go global. For example, DHL Express has partnered with the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration to provide access to a wide range of resources, including industry-specific consulting and market research. Partnerships like this complement our unmatched knowledge of international shipping to help businesses grow more effectively on an international scale.

This website is another avenue in which we share our expertise with growing businesses. I hope you find it an invaluable resource to reaching untapped potential for your business. Whether you are exporting for the first time or simply looking to stay atop of current exporting trends, this is the website for you.

When the time does come to expand globally, I invite you to let DHL help. We are The International Specialists and no one knows more about shipping to and from the U.S. It’s the country we started in, after all, and I can’t help but believe you’ll find we serve it better than anyone.


Greg Hewitt
Chief Executive Officer
DHL Express U.S.



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