America: Land of Business Opportunity

After a long hot summer, it appears the U.S. economy is beginning to heat up – jobs are up, retail sales are up, housing starts are rebounding and even car sales are on the rise. With the economy picking up steam, now could be the perfect time to examine prospects for business growth. Since the logistics industry and the economy are intimately linked, I wanted to share three growth sectors to consider as areas of opportunity. Continue reading

October’s Customer Service Week Should Get You Thinking – And Acting

Customer Service Week (CSW) occurs each October, and this year it takes place during the week of October 6-10.  As always, CSW represents a banner opportunity for companies to rally their employees, engage customers and establish new approaches for setting the bar even higher in the year to come. But, it’s also a good time to evaluate exactly what “great customer service” means for your organization, and why it is so important to your customers.

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“Shop the World”: DHL Charts the Journey of the Online Consumer

Over the next five years, global e-commerce or “global distance selling” is expected to grow by more than 10 percent per year – a development that affects nearly every industry sector. With this in mind, DHL recently launched a survey to better understand consumer attitudes toward global distance selling – and the study shows significant differences between countries.

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Fashionably ON Time

There’s no such thing as fashionably late in the multi-billion dollar fashion industry.  With retailers clamoring to be stocked with the hottest items, the ability to move trend-setting designs from the studio to stores as quickly as possible and manage a finely tuned supply chain at the same time becomes a key enabler of success.  As the official logistics partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, DHL is responsible for making sure that our global partners have everything they need to succeed in an industry that’s constantly on the move.

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Secrets of a Successful Entrepreneur

A quick review of online advice for start-up companies suggests there are valuable strategies — and personal characteristics — that unite the successful entrepreneurs who drive new ventures from idea to reality. Experienced entrepreneurs suggest that a winning formula comes from a combination of visionary management tactics, personal resourcefulness and relentless optimism, along with an ability to leverage the power of human capital and knowledge.

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Driving Forward Toward a Driverless Future

Are we headed towards a world full of driverless vehicles? We seem to be well on our way to having what was once a futuristic dream of science fiction become reality. Whether it’s delivery drones, driverless cars or automated rail and sea transport – their presence has accelerated dramatically in the past few years.

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Top four causes for import delays, and how to avoid them

Without the proper know-how, international shipping can mean stress for business owners. However getting goods through Customs doesn’t have to be hard or traumatic. Fortunately, careful planning and attention to detail can keep product on the move.

Here are the most common causes for import delays.

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National Aviation Day: Celebrating the history of flight

August 19 marks National Aviation Day in the U.S., as well as Orville Wright’s birthday. Together with his brother, Wilbur, the two made history in flight. There’s no question that aviation has brought many social, economic and cultural benefits to people around the world, and we are saluting that history and these developments in aviation.

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Growth Opportunities in Chile, Peru and Colombia

Companies with an eye on importing and exporting in Latin America are increasingly turning their focus to the rising economic powerhouses of Chile, Peru and Colombia. A recent Bloomberg Businessweek report outlines the state of affairs in the region quite well, noting that a clear economic divide between the Atlantic and Pacific coast nations of South America is taking shape.

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