Exporting: Who to Sell to and What to Sell

Want to go global but not sure where to start? In previous articles we’ve discussed growth opportunities in South America, other potential business opportunities as well as why it makes ‘cents’ to go global. The bottom line is with the rise of e-commerce, the push of the U.S. government to help businesses enter new markets, and many countries such as China hungry for American-made products – now is a great time to consider new global opportunities.

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Compliance & Logistics 101: 6 Tips for Going Global

The thought of shipping and delivering goods across international borders can be a thrilling milestone for many small business owners. But concerns over logistics and legalities can become a mental roadblock. Ever wondered how your logistics choices affect your profit margins? Or how you get your shipments cleared through Customs? DHL Express can help you determine how to take your goods to new markets.

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Get Your Supply Chain in Top Shape

A recent post from DHL’s Supply Chain Matters magazine provides key advice for superior logistics management: embrace disruption and be resilient. In today’s world where global supply chains are increasingly efficient (read: little excess capacity, no room for error), risk management strategies must be as flexible and efficient as the supply chain itself.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Duties and Taxes Made Easy

The rules and regulations of duties and taxes can be tricky and are constantly changing. But understanding the process and landed costs can save you and your customers from surprises.

In this blog post, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions on duties and taxes to help your business effortlessly navigate through the international trade process.

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In 2015, Get Your Marketing On

In the Internet/smartphone/e-commerce/social media era, there is no shortage of strategies available to reach customers effectively, and to engage them in your brand. From digital advertising and content marketing to social media, PR campaigns and direct e-marketing, companies have powerful tools at their disposal, and a variety of metrics to assess the usefulness of each. Along with traditional advertising, public relations and direct marketing, businesses certainly have options – but they also have incredible challenges when it comes to setting their annual marketing priorities.

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New Year’s Resolutions that Every Business Should Consider

In our personal lives, making resolutions for the New Year can sometimes be counterproductive.  After all, the path through spring and summer is littered with well-intended promises, but in the end, our personal resolutions – eat better, exercise more – sometimes achieve an unfortunate result: a sense of self-disappointment.  But in business, resolutions are not only helpful, they are arguably unavoidable.  Any company seeking lasting success must plan ahead, or fall behind – its leaders must map out the details, anticipate the challenges, and give the future a thorough “big picture” examination.

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