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The Automotive Industry and the Future of the Supply Chain: DHL Whitepaper Takes a Look under the Hood

We’ve all heard the message before: technology is changing the way companies do business. While no one would argue with this very general statement, the deeper truth is that technological advances are transforming different kinds of companies in different ways.

The rise of the Internet of Things, for instance, and the world of interconnected devices and objects that it represents will mean something different to a manufacturer than it will to a chain of retail stores. And while technology is fueling rapid globalization across many different business sectors, the level of commitment to new technologies varies from industry to industry.

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Globalization in 3-D: 3 trends changing international shipping

Most of us strive to see things more clearly. We relish high-definition television, 3-D films and high-res screens on our multiple mobile devices. When it comes to digital cameras, the more megapixels it has, the better it is. And when surveying a new landscape, we seek higher ground for a better view, often bringing a pair of binoculars along for good measure.

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“Shop the World”: DHL Charts the Journey of the Online Consumer

Over the next five years, global e-commerce or “global distance selling” is expected to grow by more than 10 percent per year – a development that affects nearly every industry sector. With this in mind, DHL recently launched a survey to better understand consumer attitudes toward global distance selling – and the study shows significant differences between countries.

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