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Four Ways to Reach Millennials All Over the World

Your company has no doubt already spent a great deal of time and energy considering how best to reach the millennial generation.  It’s quite likely that your marketing plans have adapted to their digitally-driven interests, and your employee recruitment efforts already reflect their diversity and sense of independence.

But when it comes to engaging with millennials, it is not just a question of how to connect with them, but also where in the world to find them.  And the answer is simple: everywhere. Continue reading

Finding Your Next Customer Through Digital Channels

Like any other industry, e-commerce has grown up since its early days, to the point now that consumers are buying everything from clothes, to headphones, to cars, to houses from their computers and mobile devices. Whatever kind of product or service your company is selling, e-commerce is a great potential avenue to open your business up to new domestic and international customers. Continue reading

What Do Canada and Mexico Have in Common? A Big Opportunity for U.S. Businesses

There is a huge opportunity brewing for U.S. small and medium-sized companies to do business with our closest neighbors. The U.S.’ two largest export markets, Canada and Mexico, are buying more “Made-in-USA” goods and services than any other countries in the world. Just consider the numbers: combined exports to both countries reached nearly $600 billion annually at last official count in 2012. But how exactly should businesses approach trade with Mexico and Canada?

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Coming to Terms with Export Financing Options for Your Small Business

Is your business one of the nearly 300,000 small and medium sized U.S. enterprises (SMEs) that exports? Are you reaching any of the 95 percent of consumers who live outside of our borders? If not, you have probably considered how international trade could transform your sales and drive future growth.  You’ve probably also found that the challenge is getting your strategy off the ground, particularly on the financial front.  The same challenge applies to those companies that have already taken the global plunge, but are hoping to expand their reach.  Getting your trade financing options in order requires a clear understanding of all the resources available to help.

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