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National Small Business Week: A Great Time to Think Globally

This year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will hold its annual National Small Business Week from May 1-7.  Created to recognize the country’s top small businesses and entrepreneurs, along with small business advocates and champions, the SBA’s special week includes a series of events and awards that will highlight the critical role that small companies play in powering the national – and international – economy.

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Exporting: Which Markets Are Right For Your Products?

Want to go global but not sure where to start? Two main questions many businesses interested in exporting are asking are: “where should I export?” and “will my product be successful in that market?”

To help answer these questions and get you started, DHL has compiled these helpful tips on what products you should be exporting and to which countries. The markets are out there so go global!

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Business Etiquette Tips to Help you Conduct Business Internationally

As your business expands internationally, so should your knowledge of other cultures’ business customs. Understanding professional etiquette of the country or region that your business is entering is crucial to your company’s success internationally.There are some actions customary in American business that can send the wrong message in other parts of the world. When doing business in a new country, the goal is to impress your potential business partner, not offend them.

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