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4 Markets American Companies Should Enter in 2015

Today, companies that are aiming to grow should expand their strategic horizons and look beyond our borders for new audiences, new partners and new opportunities. Why should your company go global? Consider this: in 2015, global exports are expected to grow by 5.3 percent, an increase that amounts to over $1 billion in new revenue for companies across the world. To make some of this revenue part of your organization’s bottom line, it is essential to harness the power of technology and global connectivity that have made the move into new markets possible for even the smallest of companies.

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America: Land of Business Opportunity

After a long hot summer, it appears the U.S. economy is beginning to heat up – jobs are up, retail sales are up, housing starts are rebounding and even car sales are on the rise. With the economy picking up steam, now could be the perfect time to examine prospects for business growth. Since the logistics industry and the economy are intimately linked, I wanted to share three growth sectors to consider as areas of opportunity. Continue reading