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Reaching Global Customers for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is almost here, and small businesses across the U.S. should keep one important fact in mind: the online holiday shopping phenomenon, marketed and launched around our Thanksgiving celebrations, is now a global affair. Throughout the year, businesses of all sizes, including corner retail shops, home-based enterprises and larger internet-only merchants, are reaching – and shipping to – customers as far away as India and China. Starting on Black Friday, and even before, you can expect this kind of international activity to ramp up, just as your domestic sales surely will.

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Finding Your Next Customer Through Digital Channels

Like any other industry, e-commerce has grown up since its early days, to the point now that consumers are buying everything from clothes, to headphones, to cars, to houses from their computers and mobile devices. Whatever kind of product or service your company is selling, e-commerce is a great potential avenue to open your business up to new domestic and international customers. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions that Every Business Should Consider

In our personal lives, making resolutions for the New Year can sometimes be counterproductive.  After all, the path through spring and summer is littered with well-intended promises, but in the end, our personal resolutions – eat better, exercise more – sometimes achieve an unfortunate result: a sense of self-disappointment.  But in business, resolutions are not only helpful, they are arguably unavoidable.  Any company seeking lasting success must plan ahead, or fall behind – its leaders must map out the details, anticipate the challenges, and give the future a thorough “big picture” examination.

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Four Shipping Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For brick-and-mortar retailers and e-commerce companies, the game is on. With the holiday season shopping crunch just around the corner, most have launched their yearly preparations – and the pressure is looming to effectively implement plans in order to profit wisely. Logistics and shipping may not be top of mind when planning for the season but they should be.

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October’s Customer Service Week Should Get You Thinking – And Acting

Customer Service Week (CSW) occurs each October, and this year it takes place during the week of October 6-10.  As always, CSW represents a banner opportunity for companies to rally their employees, engage customers and establish new approaches for setting the bar even higher in the year to come. But, it’s also a good time to evaluate exactly what “great customer service” means for your organization, and why it is so important to your customers.

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