The Keys to Keeping and Creating High-Performing Talent

For many companies, especially growing organizations, the task of recruiting and selecting new staff is so all-consuming that too little attention is paid to the final, crucial part of the hiring equation: namely, everything that happens after the employment offer is made and accepted. If your business is not pursuing a strategic and measurable approach to onboard new employees and engage them in your mission, then your hiring process cannot be considered complete, and you may be needlessly losing talent and money along the way.

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95% of Small Businesses Fail in the First 5 Years – Don’t Let Yours Be One

As most entrepreneurs are aware, the effort required to turn an idea, product or service into a groundbreaking and lasting success is nothing short of herculean.

The steps involved are, of course, numerous and complex: refining the concept, defining the market, creating the business plan, conducting the market research, selling the plan to investors, lining up vendors, partners, and suppliers – and that is all before you have determined what kind of staffing needs you may have down the road, or how you will handle the logistics of delivering your product or service to directly to your audience.

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Modernizing America’s Free Trade Agreements is the Smart Thing To Do

Globalization is not only driving a new business paradigm for large companies and e-commerce startups, it’s also fueling a vigorous national debate on the parameters of free trade. Recent executive orders even direct the U.S. secretary of commerce to review each of the country’s free trade agreements, measuring their past and potential economic value.

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4 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

If you’re like many business leaders, you may be forgoing vacation time, spending long hours at work, including nights and weekends, and generally focusing all your attention to ensure your company’s success. This can be particularly true when managing global customers across multiple time zones that require early-morning and late-evening outreach.

While hard work is certainly one of the realities associated with successful business, it’s important to recognize that working to the point that other activities are excluded can land you solidly in the category of a workaholic.

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Summer Productivity: Keep Your Business Humming Even in the Heat

For business owners and managers, the more casual days of summer come with their own challenges: a spate of employee vacations that make coordinating with vendors and colleagues essential. This is the season when many workers recharge with a well-earned vacation, especially those who must coordinate family vacations around school vacations.

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