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Safety First: Three Steps to a Safer, Stronger Organization

For most business owners and managers, success and financial growth are defined primarily by concepts like customer retention, new product and service development, and employee engagement. They are also driven by a concrete set of numbers – think gross revenue, net income, cash flow and debt-to-equity ratio. But there is another aspect to the success and profit formula, and that is how your company handles the vital issue of safety in the workplace. Investing in workplace safety is worth every penny because it is protecting your most valuable asset – your employees. Continue reading

National Preparedness Month: Time to Get Your Business Ready to Weather the Storm

September is National Preparedness Month, an annual awareness effort designed to highlight the importance of being ready for the many kinds of emergencies that can impact all of us. For small and medium-sized business owners and managers, now is a good time to make sure you have a comprehensive disaster preparation and recovery plan in place. Consider this: without preparation, a single disaster or infrastructure failure could cripple your company, inflicting financial damage from which your organization may never recover. Continue reading

The Keys to Keeping and Creating High-Performing Talent

For many companies, especially growing organizations, the task of recruiting and selecting new staff is so all-consuming that too little attention is paid to the final, crucial part of the hiring equation: namely, everything that happens after the employment offer is made and accepted. If your business is not pursuing a strategic and measurable approach to onboard new employees and engage them in your mission, then your hiring process cannot be considered complete, and you may be needlessly losing talent and money along the way.

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95% of Small Businesses Fail in the First 5 Years – Don’t Let Yours Be One

As most entrepreneurs are aware, the effort required to turn an idea, product or service into a groundbreaking and lasting success is nothing short of herculean.

The steps involved are, of course, numerous and complex: refining the concept, defining the market, creating the business plan, conducting the market research, selling the plan to investors, lining up vendors, partners, and suppliers – and that is all before you have determined what kind of staffing needs you may have down the road, or how you will handle the logistics of delivering your product or service to directly to your audience.

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