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DHL Customer Survey Reveals Online Holiday Shipping Trends

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday become increasingly global, merchants need to become increasingly detailed and deliberate in their planning – especially when it comes to setting and implementing shipping and returns policies and practices.

A new customer survey conducted by DHL finds that some retailers are now planning as much as 12 months in advance for the holiday season, while 35 percent are planning at least three to four months ahead.

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7 Tips to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – an awareness effort designed to educate businesses and consumers about the critical importance of keeping digital information safe and being prepared to respond should an intrusion occur. The goal of this month-long campaign is to have companies across the globe prioritize cybersecurity every day. That’s because security breaches are wide and varied, and they are on the rise. Not only is it the right thing to do to keep customer data safe and your operational information secure; it is also essential for the survival of your business and the strength of your brand.

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Bringing WOW To E-Commerce Customer Service

For e-commerce companies, great customer service can be the single decisive driver on the path to growth and success. That’s because direct customer engagement is challenging, human interactions are rare, and those that can provide the personal touch will always stand out from the crowd in the online marketplace.

With competition increasing every day, figuring out how to exceed the expectations of your customers  –  determining how you can not only satisfy but delight your clients – should be a top priority for your e-commerce business.

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Safety First: Three Steps to a Safer, Stronger Organization

For most business owners and managers, success and financial growth are defined primarily by concepts like customer retention, new product and service development, and employee engagement. They are also driven by a concrete set of numbers – think gross revenue, net income, cash flow and debt-to-equity ratio. But there is another aspect to the success and profit formula, and that is how your company handles the vital issue of safety in the workplace. Investing in workplace safety is worth every penny because it is protecting your most valuable asset – your employees. Continue reading

National Preparedness Month: Time to Get Your Business Ready to Weather the Storm

September is National Preparedness Month, an annual awareness effort designed to highlight the importance of being ready for the many kinds of emergencies that can impact all of us. For small and medium-sized business owners and managers, now is a good time to make sure you have a comprehensive disaster preparation and recovery plan in place. Consider this: without preparation, a single disaster or infrastructure failure could cripple your company, inflicting financial damage from which your organization may never recover. Continue reading