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New Trade Facilitation Agreement Opens Global Doors for Companies of all Sizes

There is a powerful new reason to shift your company’s import/export strategy in to higher gear, and it comes in the form of a groundbreaking Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) that was recently ratified  by the World Trade Organization (WTO) through its member countries. By seeking to make it easier, faster and more affordable to move goods across borders, the TFA is good news for your business and your ability to engage with customers on a global scale, especially through e-commerce. It will help if you are truly ready to make international trade a meaningful part of your overall mission through careful planning.

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Trade with Asia Is Making Sense for More U.S. Companies Every Day

Businesses across the United States, especially small and medium-sized organizations, are looking abroad for new customers and profitable new partnerships. Increasingly, they are turning to countries in the Asia Pacific region to bring strategies to life. This post takes a closer look at trade with Asia as part of our continuing examination of key global markets.

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The U.S. and Global Trade: A Look at Where We Are in 2017 and Beyond

For businesses engaged in global trade or those just considering an international strategy, it is critical to research and assess the economic, social and political conditions of potential new markets as well as the trade policies, history and outlook of your home country. In this post and in following segments, we will take a closer look at key markets across the globe, beginning here in the United States, where a new year will bring a new President to Washington, D.C.

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What Globalization Says About Your Business Potential in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, companies across the United States are carefully considering global economic predictions for the year ahead.

Many, including small and medium-sized businesses, have already integrated an international trade component into their business plans, recognizing that 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of our borders. Even some of the smallest startups are harnessing the power of e-commerce and advanced logistics to reach previously untapped audiences worldwide.

But with 2017 approaching, many companies are wondering just how robust the global marketplace will continue to be.

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The Message from China’s Singles’ Day? E-commerce Is Big, and Your Business Should Take Notice

If your business is global and you export to China, then you probably already know about Singles’ Day, which occurs each year on November 11. What began as a day in China to celebrate single people turned into a massive online shopping extravaganza in 2009. During last year’s Singles’ Day, total sales were four times greater than on Cyber Monday in the United States. Continue reading