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Coffee, Cheese, Computers and More: What the Top EU Trade Partner for the U.S. Wants

When U.S. businesses think of top international trading partners, they rightly often turn their attention to the Asia-Pacific region. But while China does rank as our top trading partner in both exports and imports, and while Japan and South Korea are not far behind, some might be surprised to find that Germany ranks extremely high on the list, and the highest among European Union (EU) member nations.

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E-commerce Is On the Move – Your Business Should Be, Too

Are you moving to ramp up your company’s e-commerce strategy in 2017? If so, you aren’t alone. A recent customer survey by DHL found that 57 percent of respondents plan to target e-commerce as their top sales strategy in the year ahead.  So if your business is prioritizing online transactions, you are in good company – but you also have a great deal of competition.

To set your company apart from the digital crowd, and to maximize returns on e-commerce investments, you must pay close attention to the evolving trends that are defining online sales today. From the growing importance of mobile commerce to the rising value of global sales, the factors that are influencing e-commerce are clear. You just need to recognize them, and respond forcefully.

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The Message from China’s Singles’ Day? E-commerce Is Big, and Your Business Should Take Notice

If your business is global and you export to China, then you probably already know about Singles’ Day, which occurs each year on November 11. What began as a day in China to celebrate single people turned into a massive online shopping extravaganza in 2009. During last year’s Singles’ Day, total sales were four times greater than on Cyber Monday in the United States. Continue reading

The Future Has Landed, Thanks to Delivery Drones

The power of drone technology is not just capturing the imagination, it’s beginning to change the way we live and work. Drones are being employed to conduct crucial visual inspections of high-rise towers under construction, check bridge and highway infrastructure for dangerous structural decline, and assist with search and rescue missions. They are used to map agricultural land in order to improve crop health, and their entertainment and competitive possibilities are vast. But one area of particular promise calls for a closer look: drones have the potential to revolutionize the delivery of goods to remote areas, and eventually to cities and towns across the globe.

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The Automotive Industry and the Future of the Supply Chain: DHL Whitepaper Takes a Look under the Hood

We’ve all heard the message before: technology is changing the way companies do business. While no one would argue with this very general statement, the deeper truth is that technological advances are transforming different kinds of companies in different ways.

The rise of the Internet of Things, for instance, and the world of interconnected devices and objects that it represents will mean something different to a manufacturer than it will to a chain of retail stores. And while technology is fueling rapid globalization across many different business sectors, the level of commitment to new technologies varies from industry to industry.

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