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Modernizing America’s Free Trade Agreements is the Smart Thing To Do

Globalization is not only driving a new business paradigm for large companies and e-commerce startups, it’s also fueling a vigorous national debate on the parameters of free trade. Recent executive orders even direct the U.S. secretary of commerce to review each of the country’s free trade agreements, measuring their past and potential economic value.

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Trade With this Country is Taking Flight – Literally

The recent election of Emmanuel Macron as France’s new president is widely viewed as good news, both for the European Union (EU), which Macron supports, and for the future of international trade between France and countries around the globe, including the United States.  As our country’s eighth largest trading partner, France is key to the global trade prospects of thousands of U.S. companies – including many in the aerospace and technology sectors – and its continued ties to the EU could prove essential for future planning and success. 

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3 Ways to Take Your Company’s Sustainability Efforts to the Next Level

Earth Day 2017 – Saturday, April 22 – is an excellent time to reflect on your company’s sustainability strategy and to lay plans for the future – or to shift your current plans into higher gear. Of course, pursuing comprehensive, serious tactics that will achieve real results in emissions and waste reduction will require action not just on one day, but every day this year and beyond.

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Video: Top 5 Things Your Business Should Do to Be a Global Player

Thank you for visiting our “Top 5 Delivered by DHL” series. It’s a fast and informed way to learn more about global topics that affect your business. We’ll start by delivering you insights on TPP, Brazil, NAFTA, Global E-Commerce, International Business Travel, Avoiding Import Delays, Cuba Sanctions and Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Visit our YouTube Playlist.

Below, we present our first video: “Going Global.”

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