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3 Ways to Take Your Company’s Sustainability Efforts to the Next Level

Earth Day 2017 – Saturday, April 22 – is an excellent time to reflect on your company’s sustainability strategy and to lay plans for the future – or to shift your current plans into higher gear. Of course, pursuing comprehensive, serious tactics that will achieve real results in emissions and waste reduction will require action not just on one day, but every day this year and beyond.

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Video: Top 5 Things Your Business Should Do to Be a Global Player

Thank you for visiting our “Top 5 Delivered by DHL” series. It’s a fast and informed way to learn more about global topics that affect your business. We’ll start by delivering you insights on TPP, Brazil, NAFTA, Global E-Commerce, International Business Travel, Avoiding Import Delays, Cuba Sanctions and Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Visit our YouTube Playlist.

Below, we present our first video: “Going Global.”

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How Cross-border E-commerce Can Boost Your Business

With all the uncertainties of recent years around globalization and international trade, one thing remains absolutely certain: we will all continue to trade across borders and, as we’ve discussed in the pages of DHL Expressed before, e-commerce is only continuing to thrive. In fact, a recent customer survey by DHL found that 57 percent of respondents plan to leverage e-commerce as their top sales strategy in 2017.

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Trade with Asia Is Making Sense for More U.S. Companies Every Day

Businesses across the United States, especially small and medium-sized organizations, are looking abroad for new customers and profitable new partnerships. Increasingly, they are turning to countries in the Asia Pacific region to bring strategies to life. This post takes a closer look at trade with Asia as part of our continuing examination of key global markets.

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The Future Is Global. Are You?

While there is only a day of difference between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the symbolic gap is more difficult to define, and often more perilous to cross.  Ask many business leaders what the advancing calendar represents and they will talk about future opportunities, the pursuit of long-term goals, and the development of new strategies. Some may suggest that it provides for a fresh start, while others may view it as a time to build on plans that are already working.

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