Duties and Taxes Made Easy (Part Two)

International shippers face the often vexing problem of understanding and estimating duties and taxes. Armed with tools and information, these Customs charges need not be so baffling. Duties and taxes are usually levied by the destination country as a way to protect local markets and to generate country revenue. Those charges are assessed based on the nature of the goods in the shipment.  Continue reading

Exporting: Which Markets Are Right For Your Products?

Want to go global but not sure where to start? Two main questions many businesses interested in exporting are asking are: “where should I export?” and “will my product be successful in that market?”

To help answer these questions and get you started, DHL has compiled these helpful tips on what products you should be exporting and to which countries. The markets are out there so go global!

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What Do Canada and Mexico Have in Common? A Big Opportunity for U.S. Businesses

There is a huge opportunity brewing for U.S. small and medium-sized companies to do business with our closest neighbors. The U.S.’ two largest export markets, Canada and Mexico, are buying more “Made-in-USA” goods and services than any other countries in the world. Just consider the numbers: combined exports to both countries reached nearly $600 billion annually at last official count in 2012. But how exactly should businesses approach trade with Mexico and Canada?

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