Finding Your Next Customer Through Digital Channels

Like any other industry, e-commerce has grown up since its early days, to the point now that consumers are buying everything from clothes, to headphones, to cars, to houses from their computers and mobile devices. Whatever kind of product or service your company is selling, e-commerce is a great potential avenue to open your business up to new domestic and international customers. Continue reading

How Green is Your Supply Chain?

Business leaders today understand the triple value involved in pursuing sustainable operating practices: global environmental benefits, improved business efficiency, and increased customer engagement. They understand that going green can help build a better world by reducing waste on every level, a move that can boost profits while appealing to a growing legion of environmental-minded consumers. Continue reading

Getting Up to Speed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Those who travel internationally know one thing all too well: getting through customs can be a time-consuming, frustrating endeavor. But for U.S. residents, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Global Entry program offers expedited clearance, delivering a degree of relief for the weary world traveler. Through the program, pre-approved, low-risk travelers enter the country through automated kiosks at select airports, usually avoiding long lines and delays.

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Duties and Taxes Made Easy (Part Two)

International shippers face the often vexing problem of understanding and estimating duties and taxes. Armed with tools and information, these Customs charges need not be so baffling. Duties and taxes are usually levied by the destination country as a way to protect local markets and to generate country revenue. Those charges are assessed based on the nature of the goods in the shipment.  Continue reading

Exporting: Which Markets Are Right For Your Products?

Want to go global but not sure where to start? Two main questions many businesses interested in exporting are asking are: “where should I export?” and “will my product be successful in that market?”

To help answer these questions and get you started, DHL has compiled these helpful tips on what products you should be exporting and to which countries. The markets are out there so go global!

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