Reaching Global Customers for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is almost here, and small businesses across the U.S. should keep one important fact in mind: the online holiday shopping phenomenon, marketed and launched around our Thanksgiving celebrations, is now a global affair. Throughout the year, businesses of all sizes, including corner retail shops, home-based enterprises and larger internet-only merchants, are reaching – and shipping to – customers as far away as India and China. Starting on Black Friday, and even before, you can expect this kind of international activity to ramp up, just as your domestic sales surely will.

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Video: Top 5 Things your Business Needs to Know About Holiday Shipping

Thank you for visiting our “Top 5 Delivered by DHL” series. It’s a fast and informative way to help you learn more about global topics that affect your business. Below, we’re delivering insights about how your business can prepare for holiday shipping – and how you can execute your plans flawlessly. Look for more about Going GlobalTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)Cuba,  BrazilAvoiding Import DelaysNAFTAInternational Business Travel and Global E-Commerce on our YouTube playlist. Continue reading

How to Take Advantage of Global Entrepreneurship Week and Beyond

If this year’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Week is anything like those in years past, many entrepreneurs, small businesses and leaders could have reason to celebrate by the time the holidays roll around. That’s because the week’s competitions and events in 160 countries will connect and inspire collaborators, mentors and investors to bring new ideas and new businesses to life around the world.

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The Message from China’s Singles’ Day? E-commerce Is Big, and Your Business Should Take Notice

If your business is global and you export to China, then you probably already know about Singles’ Day, which occurs each year on November 11. What began as a day in China to celebrate single people turned into a massive online shopping extravaganza in 2009. During last year’s Singles’ Day, total sales were four times greater than on Cyber Monday in the United States. Continue reading

Frustrated with Customs Requirements? Help is on the Way

Small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, along with their larger counterparts, are more aware than ever about the benefits of exporting. They understand the tremendous growth opportunities that lie beyond our borders. Unfortunately, they also understand that these opportunities generate their own particular set of challenges.  Chief among them, according to a recent DHL customer survey, is the very real difficulty that companies face when negotiating Customs requirements and procedures here in the United States and around the world. In fact, 33 percent of respondents to the DHL survey indicated that inconsistent Customs processes represent the biggest hurdle to international trade. Another 13 percent flagged confusing and inconsistent trade laws as the largest problem. Continue reading